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EDMO #: 705548-00
MFR #: 705548-00

SANDIA Aerospace has set yet another standard with the SAC 7-35 Airdata Computer for General Aviation. The SAC 7-35 gives you more bang for for your navigation buck Whether you're upgrading to one of the new generation navigation system or just wanting to get the most out of the system already installed in your aircraft, the SAC 7-35 should be at the top of your system options.

Now ETSO Approved

The SAC 7-35 is four systems in one:

  • Altitude Encoder. The SAC 7-35 is FAA TSO Approved as an altitude encoder. It provides standard Gillham Grey code for legacy transponders and RS-232 data for the new generations of transponders.
  • Altitude Alerting. The SAC 7-35 has SANDIA Aerospace’s exclusive AIM (Altitude Inflight Monitoring) that alerts the pilot anytime he deviates more than 100 feet from his selected altitude.
  • Fuel Flow. The addition of a fuel flow transducer (two for a twin) and your SAC 7-35 provides all the fuel flow data your navigation systems needs to monitor your fuel situation.
  • Airdata Computer. The SAC 7-35 is a full up TSO'd Airdata Computer offering all of the functions and capabilities of systems costing thousands of dollars more. The SAC 7-35 has multiple interface formats that allow it to provide data to a wide variety of avionics systems.
  • ADC Unit,
  • OAT Probe,
  • Install Kit and Mounting Tray.

Designed and manufactured to most exacting standards, you can depend on SANDIA Aerospace products to provide years of reliable service. And every product is backed by a three year warranty and personal service support.

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