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AC Capacitance Universal Fuel Quantity Test Set

AC Capacitance Universal Fuel Quantity Test Set
EDMO #: PSD60-2R
MFR #: 01-0597-00
The PSD60-2R Fuel Quantity Test Set is an accurate, stable unit designed to test AC capacitance fuel quantity measurement systems and their line replaceable components. The PSD60-2R, with the appropriate interface cable, provides complete capability for testing most aircraft with AC capacitance fuel systems.

* Measures capacitance of AC capacitance fuel probes
* Simulates capacitance values for calibration of indicators
* Simulates the capacitance of compensator to allow substitution of compensator or testing with dry tanks
* Performs cable-integrity tests with integrated Meg-Ohmmeter
* Intrinsically save - is tested and approved for use in any function with fuel in tanks

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