xCruze Digital Autopilot System

X Cruze cb

The xCruze 100 is an affordable and flexible digital autopilot system for the experimental aircraft cockpit. Designed to interface with popular experimental EFIS solutions, the xCruze 100 provides seamless integration with the xVue Touch as well as a variety of other manufacturers.

The complete system is offered at a low cost, with the choice of three form-factor variations.

Emergency autopilot level button helps to bring the aircraft to a wings-level position. Connects to either hand-held GPS or IFR panel mount GPS systems. When connected to hand-held GPS, follows programmed flight plans When connected to panel-mount GPS, autopilot follows roll steering commands to fly complex flight plans. Similar to lane assist in automobiles, the AEP stand-by mode monitors aircraft bank angle. Autopilot corrects the bank angles greater than 45 degrees by automatic roll command.

Interfaces with most commonly used experimental EFIS like xVue Touch, Dynon Skyview, Garmin G3X and G3X Touch, AFS 5000 Series, GRT HX/HXr.

X Cruze110 cb

The xCruze 110 is one of the best stand-alone autopilots that BendixKing ever created. The xCruze 110 takes an already simple and intuitive user interface and takes it a step further by adding a new industry standard joystick, allowing a clean look without becoming too convoluted.

The xCruze 110 autopilot was created with both, the VFR and IFR pilot in mind. The new emergency level mode was designed primarily for the VFR pilot that inadvertently finds himself in IMC. The operation of the altitude select and altitude preselect modes were designed to be extremely useable and useful in IFR flight, even to the extent that an altitude select can be entered and the vertical speed is easily adjusted to any desired value. This feature is extremely useful when initiating approaches or during step down approaches.

The main display of the xCruze 110 autopilot contains a PFD flight instrument. This consists of an attitude indicator, airspeed indicator, altimeter, VSI, slip/skid indicator, bank angle indicator, turn rate indicator, and a track slaved DG.


Want a complete autopilot system?

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