MaxDim Duo Dimmer Control Unit | 12-35V, 12.5A, Ring Terminals

MaxDim Duo Dimmer Control Unit | 12-35V, 12.5A, Ring Terminals


EDMO#: 9100-001-D

MFR#: 9100-001-D

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The MaxDim control unit is the perfect option for controlling lighting and instrument panels in new or existing aircraft. This fully self-contained controller works with incandescent and LED lights, pre-inverter electroluminescent strips, Nulite systems, and more without the need for separate control modules. At less than an ounce the device is very light and produces a negligible amount of heat so that heavy heat sinks are not needed.

Model 9100-001-D uses ring connectors with 12.5A max current per circuit.

  • Controls two 12.5A circuits
  • Equipped with ring lug terminals
  • Solderless crimp ring connectors and reference panel label included
  • Simple installation process equipped for a multitude of applications
  • Solid-state device with efficient, compact design
  • Fully self-contained with no separate control modules
  • No requirement for heat sinks due to negligible heat production
  • Controls standard incandescent, halogen, high-intensity LED lights, pre-inverter electroluminescent strips, pre-inverter UMA lighting, Nulites, and cabin glare shield LED strips
  • FAA, STC, and PMA approved, RTCA/DO-160E Qualified

1 oz

Panel label 1.63 x 1.63 in.
Control unit: 1.25 in. diameter


150 Watts @12 VDC
300 Watts @ 24 VDC
430 Watts @ 35 VDC

Voltage range:
12 to 35 VDC

Max current:
12.5 A

Controlled output:
0 to 12/35 VDC
0 to12.5 A

Potentiometer rotation:

Rotational life:
500k turns

Operating temperature:
-30°C to +65°C

RTCA/DO-160E Tested/Qualified

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