TITAN Digital Audio Management

Complete audio control in a compact package


Canyon AeroConnect's Titan Digital Audio Management System is a high-functional-density communications management system designed to control all aircraft audio, presented in an amazingly light and compact form factor. Titan is a family of products all based on the same core technology—a state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processor (DSP), mixing and filtering all audio sources in the digital domain to deliver crystal clear audio. Titan is offered in two configurations providing complete flexibility for space-constrained installations.

The AMS80 is an All-in-One Audio Controller that manages all aircraft audio in an amazingly light and compact form factor. The ACP8x Audio Control Panel & AMU8x Remote-Mounted Audio Management Unit work in conjunction with each other for reduced crosstalk, weight savings, and reduced installation cost.

Each unit in Titan’s system will support 8 stereo or mono headsets. With a Bluetooth 3.0 wireless interface, music can be streamed and hands-free calls made via mobile phone through the audio system so the operator does not need to remove their headset.

With Simulcast ability, the audio system can key up multiple transceivers simultaneously decreasing the workload on operators. When activated, the Relay mode allows one transceiver to receive and automatically key up a second one with no involvement from the crew. When Relay & Simulcast are both active the ground crew and aircraft crew can have a conference call environment.