Terms & Conditions

EDMO Basic Terms and Conditions

  1. Any unauthorized returns may be subject to a 30% restocking fee.
  2. No returns for credit after 90 days from invoice date.
  3. Any order discrepancies must be reported immediately after receipt of purchase.
  4. All past due invoices are subject to a monthly service charge of 1-1.5%, at an annual rate of 18%.
  5. Items marked '*' are ineligible for discounts.
  6. Unless a resale certificate is on file with EDMO, sales tax will apply to the following states: CA, WA, MO, and TN. Additional states may be added as required.
  7. Purchaser agrees that seller retains a security interest in the goods specified in this document as security for purchaser's full performance of all obligations arising under this contract.
  8. Buyer agrees to pay amounts due pursuant to this invoice in accordance with the terms set forth hereon and agrees to pay reasonable attorney's fees, court costs, and costs of collection in the event that the amount due is not so paid.
  9. EXPORT STATEMENT: It is the policy of EDMO Distributors, Inc. to comply with all US Government export control laws and regulations for all transactions. No transactions will be conducted by or on behalf of EDMO Distributors, Inc. contrary to U.S. export regulations.
  10. NOTIFICATION OF U.S. EXPORT REGULATIONS TO EXPORTERS: All products purchased from EDMO Distributors, Inc. are not for export, re-export, resale, or disposal except as specifically authorized by the U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security. Non-compliance with the U.S. regulations may result in imprisonment or fine, or both, and denial, in whole or in part, of participation in U.S. exports or re-exports.

EDMO Shipping Terms and Conditions

  1. All sales, unless otherwise noted, are FOB origin Spokane, Washington or Nashville, Tennessee, Prepay & Add. We do not have an order minimum.
  2. At time of order entry, we do our best to estimate shipping charges for you, but actual charges are determined once your order has been pulled, packed, and logged. The actual number of boxes and the dimensions of the boxes required are not always easy to estimate.
  3. We insure all shipments over $100.00 unless you specifically instruct us not to. You can make your choice about insurance each time you order online, or you can complete and sign an insurance waiver and we will set up your account according to your instructions. As per carrier requirements, all shipments over $500.00 in value that are insured, will require a delivery signature.
  4. Packaging is commercial best practices, please request a quote for special packaging requirements such as FAR flow downs.
  5. Our preferred freight carriers are Federal Express and UPS.

EDMO Warranty Terms and Conditions

  1. Upon inspection, if the product is determined to have no fault found (NFF) and it has been opened and is not in “new condition,” it is not returnable and repackaging services are not available.
  2. As EDMO is not the "manufacturer" of the products we sell, we can offer no warranties for the products sold. All warranty considerations and determinations remain solely with the manufacturer of the product.
  3. MOST of the manufacturers we represent require all warranty claims and inquiries be handled directly between them and the purchaser of their product. EDMO is not granted the authority to make warranty/replacement decisions on their behalf.
  4. EDMO does not have a relationship with your customer. All warranty or out of box failure should be administrated between the dealer and purchaser first. If required, EDMO will work with the dealer and manufacturer to help remedy the issue.
  5. If the manufacturer asks for EDMO assistance with the warranty issue, the dealer will pay for return shipping to EDMO. Once the product is verified as defective, EDMO will send the replacement with shipping paid by EDMO.
  6. Most of our manufacturer warranty information and policies can be found on either their website, or the EDMO website, as well as packaged with the products. We will be happy to help locate any warranty policy information for you that cannot be located online.
  7. When items are received at EDMO for warranty consideration that should have been sent directly to the manufacturer, it is our policy to forward those items to the manufacturer on your behalf. We do the following:
    1. Ship item and your paperwork to the proper vendor.
    2. Send a notice to you that the item has been forwarded to the vendor.
    3. Give the vendor instructions to contact you directly for discussions on your item.
    4. We appreciate the opportunity to service all our customers. It is our goal to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction that we can while supplying you with the highest quality aviation products available today.