GSA and Government Sales

EDMO Distributors, Inc. provides a wide selection of GSA listed aviation products, including airborne test equipment, flight navigation instruments, tactical communication systems, pilot supplies, and personal law enforcement items. Selected products are offered through our GSA MAS Contract# GS-07F-5985R to support Military/Federal Government/State/Local agencies.

We have a team of professionals dedicated specifically to Defense and Government sales with the experience and knowledge necessary to understand and satisfy the unique requirements of the Military and Federal Government. We stand ready to serve those who serve our Nation!

For more information, please email or call our toll-free number at 1-800-235-3300.

EDMO’s Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract# GS-07F-5985R

Contract Number GS-07F-5985R

EDMO Distributors, Inc. is a Prime Contractor holding a GSA Contract offering a wide variety of avionics products. Selected items include test equipment, fuel quantity units, aircraft chronometers, pitot static testers, altimeters, tensiometers, analyzers, TDR's, radio altimeter testers, Telex headsets, switch and cable assemblies for aircrew headsets/intercom and radio interfacing, avionic cleaning wipes, and various accessories to accommodate these items.

**Products listed under SIN 332999 (Law Enforcement Personal Equipment) and SIN 334511 (Search and Navigation) are available to Military/Federal Government agencies as well as to State/Local Government agencies through the Cooperative Purchasing Program.

**Products listed under SIN 334515 (Diagnostic, Measuring, and Testing Equipment) are available for Military/Federal Government agencies.

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