Meet the EDMO Team


Ed L

Ed Lansberg

EDMO Founder

Fred Lopez web

Fred Lopez

Owner/Board Member

Tim G

Tim Gump

Owner/Board Member


Mike S

Mike Schmidt


Mark G

Mark Gardner

VP of Test Equipment Sales

Jeff Geraci

Jeff Geraci

VP of Sales & Marketing


Joel J

Joel Johnston

Director of Tactical Comm & Airline Sales

Ken R

Ken Ribble

Aerospace & Defense Sales Manager

Mark B web

Mark Bushnell

Regional Sales Manager

Marty C

Marty Campbell

Regional Sales Manager

David H web

David Hauschild

Regional Sales Manager

Harold C web

Harold Christensen

RTS Sales Manager

Purchasing & Sales Support

Michele O

Michele Olney

Purchasing Manager

Zach M

Zach Murinko

Customer Service Representative of Test Equipment Sales

Fran M web

Fran Milla

GSA Contract Specialist

Customer Service

Ted A

Ted Augustine

Sr. Product Specialist

Nick F

Nick Fisher

Sr. Product Specialist

Jesse Jurkovac WEB

Jesse Jurkovac

Customer Service Representative

Kenneth Myers 2020 web

Kenneth Myers

Customer Service Representative


Camille M

Camille Martin

Marketing Manager

David T

David Thiringer

Graphic Support

Steve H web

Steve Helgerson

Marketing Representative


Connie Saxton web

Connie Saxton


Sandra G web

Sondra Gerber

Office Manager & Accounts Receivable

Kim L

Kim Lemley

Credit Manager

Human Resources

Doris Ames

Doris Ames

Human Resource Manager

Information Systems

Tim V web

Tim Vandergoore

IT Support Coordinator

David J

David Justus

Lead Applications Developer

Danial Smith 2020 web

Daniel Smith

Quality Manager

Spokane Warehouse

Ray S

Ray Smith

Warehouse Associate

Brittany R

Brittany Rausch

Warehouse Specialist

Tiffany H

Tiffany Haux

Warehouse Associate

Jake M

Jake McKenna

Warehouse Associate

TJ web

TJ Domebo

Warehouse Associate