Meet the EDMO Team


Ed L

Ed Lansberg

EDMO Founder

Fred Lopez web

Fred Lopez

Owner/Board Member

Tim G

Tim Gump



Mike S 10112021011

Mike Schmidt


Mark G

Mark Gardner

VP of Test Equipment Sales

Jeff Geraci

Jeff Geraci

VP of Sales & Marketing


Joel J

Joel Johnston

Director of Tactical Comm & Airline Sales

Ken R

Ken Ribble

Aerospace & Defense Sales Manager

Mark B web

Mark Bushnell

Regional Sales Manager

Marty C

Marty Campbell

Regional Sales Manager

David H web

David Hauschild

Regional Sales Manager

Harold C web

Harold Christensen

RTS Sales Manager

Purchasing & Sales Support

Michele O 10112021001

Michele Olney

Purchasing Manager

Fran M web

Fran Milla

GSA Contract Specialist

Corey A10112021001

Corey Adams

Purchasing Representative

Customer Service

Nick F

Nick Fisher

Sr. Product Specialist

Taila B10112021001

Taila Bold

Customer Service Representative–Test Equipment Sales

Dakota Moats web

Dakota Moats

Customer Service Representative

Daniel Koterba web

Daniel Koterba

Customer Service Representative

Chuck P web

Chuck Peterson

Customer Service Representative


Camille M10112021004

Camille Martin

Marketing Manager

David T

David Thiringer

Graphic Support

Steve H web

Steve Helgerson

Marketing Specialist


Connie web

Connie Saxton


Sandra G web

Sondra Gerber

Office Manager | Accounts Payable

Kim L

Kim Lemley

Credit Manager | Accounts Receivable

Human Resources

Doris Ames

Doris Ames

Human Resource Manager

Information Systems

David J

David Justus

Lead Applications Developer

Daniel S10112021003

Daniel Smith

Quality Manager

Spokane Warehouse

Mark F BW

Mark Freel

Warehouse Manager

Tara Y

Tara Yeager

Warehouse Associate

Maria H

Marie Hoppe

Warehouse Associate

Andy D10112021005

Andy Deatherage

Warehouse Associate

Cindy F10112021003

Cindy Fitzpatrick

Warehouse Associate

Kacey Andrus BW

Kacey Andrus

Warehouse Associate

Nashville Warehouse

Sharnequa Porter web

Sharnequa Porter

Warehouse Supervisor

Jaquincy Weatherall web

Jaquincy Weatherall

Warehouse Associate