Company Overview


Over the course of 50 years, EDMO Distributors has secured a reputation as one of the most reliable sources for aircraft electronics, test equipment, installation supplies, wire and cable, tooling, and pilot supplies. That long-term success has been dependent upon strategic partnerships with manufacturers and companies EDMO trusts to bring high quality, value driven products to market. Today, EDMO represents more than 300 manufacturers and serves commercial, corporate, military, and general aviation customers in the fixed-wing and rotor markets.

Our Mission

EDMO strives to be the recognized industry leader with a motivated and professional team. Our commitment to providing the best service and the largest selection possible has made it a company that customers count on and trust. The company will always stand by its motto; “Quality and Excellence, Whatever it Takes”. That’s the EDMO way!

Core Values

EDMO's core values define the company’s culture of dazzling its customers, remaining positive, taking ownership, doing the right thing, and insisting on the higher standard—all while enjoying the ride. This focus creates an environment where the team is able to build lasting value for both customers and vendors by nurturing customer relationships, developing innovative services, and delivering top-quality products and service.

EDMO's customer service doesn't stop with big selection and quick-turnaround times. EDMO also offers valuable in-house assistance that help EDMO customers save time and money. These items include custom wire and cable options (both laser wire marking and cutting), ELT and PLB programming, and your choice of Interface and Control System- Legend layouts.


Headquartered in Spokane, Washington, EDMO operates two US based warehouses to meet the high expectations of its customers. Customers in the Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast can expect 1-2 day ground shipping because of the Spokane and Nashville warehouses.

Avionics shop owners Ed Lansberg and Morris Brown

History of EDMO Distributors

In 1971, avionics shop owners Ed Lansberg and Morris Brown identified the need for a dependable avionics distributor in California. They agreed to form a partnership, and EDMO was born. The company soon became the distributor for the renowned manufacturer of avionics test equipment, IFR Systems (once Aeroflex, now part of VIAVI Solutions).

Over the next two decades, EDMO became an integral partner for avionics shops and avionics manufacturers throughout the United States and Canada. Wire, cable, and installation supplies were quickly added to the growing list of products and services offered.


The EDMO building

Growth in an Ever-Changing Industry

In 1993, EDMO moved its operation to Spokane, Washington, and within six years built its new headquarters where the business operates today. Since then, the company has grown to be a global supplier to the aviation industry with customers in more than 180 countries.

Always looking for a way to better serve the needs of its valued customers, EDMO opened a warehouse in Nashville, Tennessee in 2017. With this expansion, EDMO offers 1-2 day shipping to most of the US.

Looking to the Future

Today, EDMO still stands apart from the rest being recognized globally as a leading avionics distribution company. Customers have access to an extensive and readily available inventory while receiving exceptional and personalized service. EDMO’s marketing team brings significant value to all levels of manufacturers. The continued expansion of product lines and services guarantees that EDMO will meet the needs of the aviation industry today, and in the years ahead.

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