PWI LED Lighting

Direct replacement upgrade from incandescent lighting


PWI LED Replacement Reading Lights bring ingenuity to the table with direct drop-in replacements designed to fit into the existing light fixtures. These LED lights fit where the incandescent bulb used to go, without any changes needed to the existing lighting fixture. Each reading light features LEDs that give you up to 33K hours of life, are cool to the touch when operating, provide better directional lighting, and deliver a more aesthetically pleasing light compared to incandescent bulbs. PWI Reading Lights are PMA Certified #PQ4159CE.

PWI has designed LED bulb upgrades to exterior ice lights and interior cabin reading lights with a standard direct configuration and a right angle LED bulb that directs light at a 90° angle from the socket base.

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PWI Bulletin


PWI's No Smoking/Fasten Seat Belt Graphic refreshes an aircraft’s cabin interior. This PWI Graphic is made of durable, glossy polycarbonate. Pairing the No Smoking/Fasten Seat Belt Graphic with PWI’s LED No Smoking/Fasten Seat Belt Sign Light, ensures a longer life for the Graphic as well as less expense over the life of an aircraft.

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