Oplite Aviation Lighting

Superior quality, LED precision lighting for aircraft interiors.

Tasklight 600 2

The Tasklight 600

A six LED precision high quality CNC -machined tasklight available in multiple light color options and includes an intensity knob and on/off switch. The Tasklight 600 has a single or dual color configuration including a single color in red, green, blue and white or dual color combinations combining white light with red, green, or blue. The Tasklight 600 operates with input voltages ranging from 10 to 28 volts.

  • Built-in dimmer & On/Off switch
  • Compatible with 12-volt and 24-volt systems
  • Machined from high quality CNC machined, 6061-T6 aluminum
  • MIL-SPEC Black anodized
  • Dual color models: red & white, blue & white, green & white
  • Single color models: red, white, blue, and green
  • Available in either thru panel mount or a six-inch gooseneck
Maplight 6 5

The Maplight series 4 & 6

Models include either 4 or 6 individual LED lights. They are compatible with all dimming systems and can be configured for multiple light color options. The Maplight 4 is a single color task light available in red, green, blue, or white light. The Maplight 6 is available in a single or dual color configurations. Dual color combinations combine white light with red, green, or blue. Installation of FAA-PMA Maplight 4 and Maplight 6 series lights is a minor modification and does not require an STC or Form 337. Both Maplight series 4 & 6 have Cessna Certified models.

  • 20,000 hour LED lamp life
  • Fully adjustable in two directions
  • Surface mountable
  • MIL-SPEC Anodized construction
  • Precision CNC machined
  • Compatible with all dimming systems
  • Available in four colors: green, red, blue, or white